The adventures of a 15-year old chef-to-be and
MasterChef Junior and Chopped Junior Contestant Mark Coblentz.


Marshmallows. Sauces. Pasta. Venison. Mark shows you how easy it is to cook step by step in his short instructional videos.


Here are Mark’s recipes from his videos plus other favorite dishes. Includes links to other chefs and cooks who make great stuff to eat.


Upcoming events and links to Mark’s appearances on television, in print and online.

Watch some of our Mark’s videos

Mark was in the local newspaper again Saturday. Thanks Starkville Daily News for the front page photo noting his day cooking with the fire fighters. ...

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If you’ve never tried wagu beef, do yourself a favor and track some down. These were strip steaks from FarmHouse Market in West Point that Mark made for lunch today after church. ...

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Couple more from yesterday. Mark was cooking with Starkville firefighters for an episode of Making a Chef. ...

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Hay Mark they hire chief at the golf course at West Point is he going to cook all those birdies they shoot over there ...

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Mark is cooking with the guys at the Starkville Fire Department today. More photos will follow. ...

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